On Becoming the Waves – a poem by Ahrend Torrey

On Becoming the Waves

Somewhere the waves are alive. Like an endless longing they push and pull from the vast body of blue, forward, to the sanderling—white and brown—who when the waves come, scurries away, then back to the receding water to eat from the foamy sand.

What does it mean that waves are relentless— that no matter where, no matter what they’re going through, they push and pull?

Close your eyes and think of terns. In the darkest hour imagine gulls lifting intermingled from the shore. Become waves rising, falling, behind them, knowing the worst can never stop you— reach, reach again: that glimmering shore!


Ahrend Torrey is a creative writing graduate from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. When he is not writing, or working in New Orleans, he enjoys the simpler things in life, like walking around City Park with his husband, Jonathan, and their two rat terriers Dichter and Dova. Forthcoming this year, his collection of poems Small Blue Harbor will be available from The Poetry Box Select imprint.


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