The Dragon and Me – a poem by Katerina Neocleous

The Dragon and Me

Abstinence won’t solve
love’s mysteries, the play
has just begun and there
are scenes to set:
evading it, you will remake

this drama every chance
you take – love’s logic
is a road, however
serpentine or straight;
it leads, we follow.

It infuses all, uncoiling
strong roots like
a dragon rousing from
the earth’s magnetic core;
emitting flames –

the lives we forge
and share on this stage,
with its starry roof.
Love is the prime directive
even when its brief fruits

turn too soon – we journey
to true north the same;
while some of us arrive alone:
that’s alright, but
no reason to abstain.


Katerina Neocleous is assistant editor of the poetry journal, Obsessed With Pipework. She is widely published in magazines; and has two pamphlets forthcoming in 2019 – one from Maytree Press, and another through Obsessed With Pipework and Flarestack Publishing. She is also a mother and gardener. For more information please visit her at

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