A Jazz Prayer – a poem by Brett Peruzzi

A Jazz Prayer

Pound the piano keys Thelonius
tap your foot to the odd time signatures
that tick in your head like a clock.

Play the chords Bird
string them together
like pearls on a necklace of sound.

Hold the single note Miles
with a tremelo more delicate
than birds at dawn.

I listen to your music
the way some people salute the flag
or recite the rosary;
but with absolute surrender.

The sounds are like
the most gilded and ornate birdcage
you can ever imagine
except the door never closes.
It just swings daddy
it swings in the perpetual breeze,
a zephyr across time.

Turn your back again
to us Miles.

Spin your body again
in a mad Benzedrine circle Bird.

Nod your head again Thelonius
to the melodies that course through your brain
like a rain-swollen river.

I’m still listening.


Brett Peruzzi lives in Framingham, Massachusetts. His poems have appeared in Boston Poetry Magazine, Muse Apprentice Guild,Gloom Cupboard,The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly,Modern Haiku,Sahara, Pine Island Journal of New England Poetry, and many other publications.

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