How It Is – a poem by M.J. Iuppa

How It Is

~ Galway Bay, 2019


What passes here—unseen

until the noon sky opens

up to an uncharted sea


Cumulus clouds suit

a restless crowd, sailing

over an endless beach


that’s eclipsed by

a horizon veering North

into fog’s cold


Vacuum of faith, seized

by a current of wind, exposes

each thing becoming itself

before vanishing to nothing


Like us, learning to look below

the watery mirror of who we are—

before there is no sea, or beach,


or ancient rocks to stand on


M.J. Iuppa ‘s fourth poetry collection is This Thirst (Kelsay Books, 2017).For the past 30 years, she has lived on a small farm near the shores of Lake Ontario. Check out her blog: for her musings on writing, sustainability & life’s stew.

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