Christ – a poem by Irina Kuzminsky



He withdrew only to return

And plant the spirit in the bone

Of human flesh.

His followers – a different matter.

They sought the isolation of the peaks

The solitude of forests and of deserts

Above all – to escape from all too human flesh

And all too human matters.

What He redeemed they sought to punish and abhorred

What He released they sought to bind and caged

Rather than following the narrow path

The path of living in the midst of things

And wrestling with the angel when need be

For God to bless them.


© Irina Kuzminsky


Irina Kuzminsky is a widely published poet and writer; she is also a dancer, singer and composer, who has combined a life in the arts with a rigorous academic background including a doctorate from Oxford. Her passion has long been a quest for the feminine faces of the Divine across spiritual traditions


  1. Mark Tulin says:

    A poem that is clear and solid just as the subject you wrote about.


  2. Ellae Lawton says:

    Necessary truth, well expressed.


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