Moths and Oak – a poem by John Gimblett

Moths and Oak

A corral of dun moths are brightened by the hose
and when wettened lift themselves from leaves and
hop softly onto some other, drier surface. It’s a

mast year here; the oak that’s their shelter is
heavy with nuts. Later in the year I’ll be cursing
them – as will my neighbours! – when seedlings

sprout from every spare inch of earth. I’ve pulled
on the smaller branches, cut them to thin out those
within reach. I’m not tall. Most of the tree is beyond me.


Living in Wales, UK, John Gimblett is primarily a poet and novelist whose work has been published widely. He has read at the Hay Festival (‘The Woodstock of the mind’ – Bill Clinton) and elsewhere. His novels are crime/thrillers set mainly in his home city. #NewportNoir @johngimblett


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