A Nobody Madly in Love – a poem by Marilyn Grant

A Nobody Madly in Love
(for Hafiz and Rumi)
Be an idiot for a while,
mute as a stone,
empty handed as a beggar, an
amnesiac without a name, without
memory hanging onto your heartstrings
fickle like a moody lover.

Stop searching for your Self
wandering like a frightened fool
looking in all the wrong places.
Close the door to your cluttered
mind busy like a teeming city.
Let the light that you are
be your knowing, a nobody
madly in love with everyone.


Marilyn Grant taught Creative Writing at Cerritos College, CA, where she was an adjunct professor of English, and journal writing workshops for Orange County Hospice nurses.  Roger Housden, a published author, was her teacher for a memoir writing course, and she is a member of Writers4Writers in Orange County, CA.  She recently joined a nationwide group of spiritual seekers called “We Awakening Circle.”


  1. Cynthia Pitman says:

    I love this poem! Such a perfect combination of words.


  2. Mark Tulin says:

    An excellent poem with some good advice.


  3. Marty Jacobs says:

    I loved it. My sister has good visions!


  4. Coleman Colla says:

    I liked most of all “…your cluttered mind teeming like a city”. Fits mine to a tee!!


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