The Lost Divorce – a poem by Marc Janssen

The Lost Divorce

If your Grand Canyon is man made
A creation of concrete and glass
If you are surrounded by pavement
And the gardeners use spray paint
If you will upload your brain into a website
Live forever or until McAfee mistakenly erases you

When all the promises of religion
Are subsumed by technology

Drugs will comfort you
Computers will let you live forever
Facebook will absolve you.

In that world
The old god is an itch between your shoulder blades
The inopportune rain
A night time cat that disturbs garbage cans
And weeds that grow in sidewalk cracks


Marc Janssen lives in a house with a wife who likes him and a cat who loathes him. Regardless of that turmoil, his poetry can be found scattered around the world in places like Penumbra, Slant, Cirque Journal, Off the Coast and The Ottawa Arts Journal. Janssen also coordinates the Salem Poetry Project, a weekly reading, and the annual Salem Poetry Festival

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