Master of Tides – a poem by Seth Jani

Master of Tides

This night, the monuments of grace
outweigh the monuments of desire.
They shine in the moonlight
like twisted trees.
They fill with birds,
and spread out over the horizon
a tapestry of song.
Your sorrow leaves you.
Your fear wilts into a flower.
Certainty pours its milk
over all the doubts
in the ten-thousand corners
of your heart.
The ghosts grow silent
and take on the bodies of stones.
They mark the landscape,
become a path.
It’s not your power
that makes this happen.
It’s not your cleverness,
your serenity or rage.
It’s just this: the light
filling the branches,
the moon sailing overhead.


Seth Jani lives in Seattle, WA and is the founder of Seven CirclePress ( Their work has appeared in Chiron ReviewThe Comstock Review, Psaltery & Lyre and Pretty Owl Poetry, among others. Their full-length collection, Night Fable, was published by FutureCycle Press in 2018.  More about them and their work can be found at

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