Talking to His Higher Self – a poem by Michal Mahgerefteh

Talking to His Higher Self

My son, your body is the Shrine of Spirit,
speak to it through an actor’s mask, both
as One beneath the Tree quenching knowledge,
attaining perfection as deeds of youth rising
and falling to a sigh, an image, a word, a kiss.

The Dark Earth, a pool of white stillness with
long caressing strokes, embodies the ego and
richness of separation from Divine Strength,
the likeness of new life in your mighty pulse;
pierce the Mortal Light, my son, leap among

the beauty of vowels, like walking in a field
of wheat, lure embryonic-seed of hope with
promises. Notice your Guardians in ceremonial
wraps glancing out the shadows, eyes like the
the first day of creation, reach to them, Live!


Michal Mahgerefteh is a poet and artist originally from Israel, living in Virginia since 1986. She is author of four poetry collections, managing editor of Mizmor Poetry Anthology, Anna Davidson Rosenberg Annual Poetry Award selecting editor, and The Poetry Society of Virginia student award judge.

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