Trespass – a poem by David Peterson


You told me you were sorry,
but for her condition only
……..not for your actions
and inaction

that placed us here, impotent
with the thickest of dread
…… in the balance
touch and go.

Forgive me my trespasses
as I forgive those
who trespass against me.

The condition exceeds my faith.
If I must first forgive him
…… order to receive Your forgiveness
in order to free my spirit

from soul-suffocating burdens
……..I fear I shall be lost.


David Peterson began writing poems one year ago as a way to cope with his wife’s admission to the ICU following a botched “minor” surgery. Shortly after, during his wife’s 85 days in the hospital, David began reading a great deal of poetry and taking classes. A few months ago, he started submitting poems for possible publication, recently being published here, in Amethyst Review‘s July issue. David’s early poems focused on topics related to the hospitalization and spirituality. His reading and workshopping have moved his writing into a much broader universe of ideas and content. David is a retired public educator living with his super-human wife in Anthem, Arizona.

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  1. Rick Bird says:

    Powerful and touching. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you both the very best.
    Rick Bird


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