A Walk Through Orleans Cemetery – a poem by Judy DeCroce and Antoni Ooto

A Walk Through Orleans Cemetery

Under a parish of birds
headstones limp uphill,
bones arranged in time’s neglect.

Names remembered, Crosbys,
Doanes, and Snows of long ago.
Sea captains, strong wives,
and innocent children,
with lives of storm and joy.

We imagine stories—
epitaphs from the age of sail.


Here, lichen covers, damp as sea grass
where all present, set aside
a day honoring a life
prepared for history.

Family by family
arranged in a half-circle,
gathered and stood
shoulders touching
as they laid you down in peace
and blessing family names as they did.


And above,
battered trees watch
then, in an instant

……..a lifting off of spirit.


Writers, storyteller and educator Judy DeCroce, and husband, artist/writer Antoni Ooto are based in upstate New York.

These two creative souls gather inspiration during their morning poetry sessions where they present, critique and revise their work together over a pot of coffee. (Trader Joe’s Morning Blend)

Judy DeCroce, has been published in Plato’s Cave Online, Amethyst Review, Tigershark Publishing, and CultureCult: Nocturne Anthology.
Antoni Ooto has been published in Soft Cartel, The Ginger Collect, Amethyst Review, Young Ravens Literary Review, and both have been published in many others.

They are collaborating on an upcoming book.

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