Hope Never Dies – a poem by Michal Mahgerefteh

Hope Never Dies

Nothing interrupts the darkness
except an invisible speck of light,
teetering like a candle’s wisp about
to be extinguished into thin shrouds.

Chosen ancestral-ghosts of youth,
hope seizes as you appear by the
Gate to claim him, Hebrew hymns
vibrating the root chakra of Malchut.

Hear my voice before you lift the veil.
I stretch arms with piercing prayers,
each vowel trembling flesh and bone
until his ageless soul shouts, hallelujah!

Malchut—head chakra


Michal Mahgerefteh is a poet and artist originally from Israel, living in Virginia since 1986. She is author of four poetry collections, managing editor of Mizmor Poetry Anthology, Anna Davidson Rosenberg Annual Poetry Award selecting editor, and,The Poetry Society of Virginia
student award judge.

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