Girl at the Window – a poem by Marilyn Grant

Girl at the Window

I’ve had my share of sad
stories, who hasn’t?
Even now I see her still, that young girl
kneeling on a stool by the window,
watching always watching lonely longing
unseen unnoticed her knees growing numb.

But today living brave
like the tireless hummingbird
that’s what I want, that
little marvel of energy whose
fragility belies its fierceness.
Everywhere I see effortless life
emerge into what it was meant to be,
like the crocus that blooms purple
brilliance even in desolate snow,
a spectacle unspectacular to itself.

Who am I then to mourn that lost girl
unknowingly growing wings of freedom?
I want remnants of the past to be
soaked clean in the stream of Love
that runs gently through my life.
A new story then will write itself.
Girl at the window, innocent curious tender.
Why not say there was a garden in her heart,
a gentle bud of love waiting to blossom,
a little Buddha in training sitting in silence,
loved never lost but like a newborn star
not yet able to realize its own radiance.


Marilyn Grant taught Creative Writing at Cerritos College, CA, where she was an adjunct professor of English, and journal writing workshops for Orange County Hospice nurses.  Roger Housden, a published author, was her teacher for a memoir writing course, and she is a member of Writers4Writers in Orange County, CA.  She recently joined a nationwide group of spiritual seekers called “We Awakening Circle.”

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  1. Linda Jacobs says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the New Year with your poem being published.


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