The Unfolding Earth – a poem by Marilyn McCabe

The Unfolding Earth

Wind attracts wind,

sound comes along,

with seeds and a different dirt,

as the sea drags anything loose,

plants it where it has never belonged,

strange slate, a plant desperate for land.

Life wants itself. Will pay any price.

Are we the only species that mulls the past

incessently, invest futures of jewels and virgins,

of heavenly hosts singing

beyond this land under our terrible feet?

We’re dying to get there, love.




   the sea

                               desperate for land


incessently invest                jewels and

    heavenly           singing

                                      , love






Marilyn McCabe‘s work has garnered her an Orlando Prize from A Room of Her Own, the Hilary Tham Capital Collection contest award from The Word Works resulting in publication of her book of poems Perpetual Motion, and two artist grants from the New York State Council on the Arts. Her second book of poems, Glass Factory, was published in 2016. Her poems and videopoetry have been published in a variety of print and online literary magazines. She blogs about writing and reading at


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