Waterlily Pond Vignettes – a poem by Ellen Chia

Waterlily Pond Vignettes


Scented bowls of light;
Each brimming with hymms
On wings humming gratitude.


Subtly, one by one,
Like fingers counting down,
She furls each of her violet sleeves
Towards her heart.
The gloaming is hers for the keeping
Sans foraging buzz,
Sans burden of glamour and dazzle.


Green-veined plates
Served on stilts –
Catching satiny confetti
Of what remains from
A neighbouring blooming festival.
Rippling fingers now teasing plates;
A jiggly dance
Setting confetti adrift
Where tiny mouths nibble final moments.


Ellen Chia lives in Thailand and whilst pondering over the wonders and workings of her tiny universe finds herself succumbing time after time to the act of poetry making. Her works have been published and forthcoming in The Ekphrastic Review, Nature Writing, The Honest Ulsterman, Zingara Poetry Review, Poetry Hall, The Tiger Moth Review and Chiron Review.

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