Renewal – a poem by Ann Weil


The sheets at Frances Street
Are as soft as a lover’s caress.

I’ll just stay here today, I think.
A bed-in, protest of sorts
Against venturing out
Once again into the
Unknown of the day.

But the sheets have a serious rival.
Through the curtain gap
I glimpse golden light,
The kind that beckons
“Come, see! Look at
Paradise found!”

I obey, and sleepwalk
To the kitchen kettle.
Soon, with my inky black tea
I step out the back door.
Bask in the sun’s rays,
Dip toes in the pool.
Marvel at the jungleness of our yard.
Stop to catch the scent of gardenia
But it’s only an imposter.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Sigh. Sigh again.
Elusive peace lives here, I think.
How lucky am I
To have found its nest?


Ann Weil is a former teacher and professor. Her third act includes writing poetry that explores and honors the continuum of human emotion.


1 Comment

  1. Mark Tulin says:

    Delightful and meditative poetry.


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