Winter Leaves – a poem by Janet Krauss

Winter Leaves

Clusters of paper thin brown leaves still clinging to their trees
send forth a scent, strengthened by those long settled
on the ground, send forth the breath of the woods,
a persistent, cured and aged scent not of decay but of fruition—
a message that they are still feeding their trees.
The clusters are not to be viewed as bearers of desolation
left behind after other leaves fled to the ground.
They are carrying on life in their own forest of Eden.


Janet Krauss, who has two books of poetry published, “Borrowed Scenery,” Yuganta Press, and “Through the Trees of Autumn,” Spartina Press, has recently retired from teaching English at Fairfield University. Her mission is to help and guide Bridgeport’s  young children through her teaching creative writing, leading book clubs and reading to and engaging a kindergarten class. As a poet, she co-directs the poetry program of the Black Rock Art Guild.


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