For the Sorrowing – a poem by Melissa Chappell

For the Sorrowing

There is a tree down by the river.

By a stubborn piece of bark
a solitary branch clings to its trunk.

We are so frail,
yet by a stubborn piece of hope
we cling to a life dug deep.
At a given moment
we may be seized
by a wind so strong,
or ice so cold,
or heat so unbearable
that it may be too much.

Too much.

But let it not be so much
for the wayward mercy,
which comes
on a wing of the breeze,
that bears us up
in our sorrows,

and returns us
to our joy.


Melissa Chappell is a writer native to South Carolina where she lives on land that has been in her family for over 130 years. Besides writing, she also loves music, and plays guitar, piano, and lute. Music and the land are her great inspirations. She lives with her family and two miniature schnauzers.

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  1. This is beautiful, friend. 🕊


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