The Uncertain Samaritan – a poem by John Brugaletta

The Uncertain Samaritan

The little brown bat was in my study
under my hat. I’d made a bat house for them
but it had never occurred to me that
one of them would work its way inside and
up the staircase to find its own dark place.

We took it to one of the windows,
opened the screen and placed it on a ledge,
hoping it wasn’t deranged by rabies,
and left it to find again the bat house.

There were no injuries that we could see,
no innkeeper to pay for food and wine,
and little chance that I’d ever see it again.


John J. Brugaletta edited South Coast Poetry Journal for ten years. He has published seven volumes of his own poems, the latest of which is Selected Poems (Future Cycle Press, 2019).

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