Holy Week – a poem by Christine E. Black

Holy Week

Find me
This holy week:
Circles’ scaffolding,
Star’s center,
Right angles,
Four directions’
Perfect symmetry,
Interlocking curves
Nest this sign
On the Celtic medallion
I held between
Thumb and forefinger
On Palm Sunday.
Square’s supporting beams,
The human form
In da Vinci’s drawings;
Red and purple God’s eye
Weaving my son made
In second grade.
I have it leaning
On the kitchen sill.
Line of the eyes
And nose: Configuration
Of his face
And the faces
Of every animal
I have ever loved.
The shape
Of the body
Heart open
And broken
At its center.

Christine E. Black
‘s work has been published in Aura Literary Arts Review, Antietam Review, 13thMoon, American Journal of Poetry, New Millennium Writings, Nimrod International, Red Rock Review, The Virginia Journal of Education, Friends Journal, The Veteran, Sojourners Magazine, Iris Magazine, English Journal, and other publications. Her poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and the Pablo Neruda Prize. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her family.

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