In the Meantime – a poem by Marilyn Grant

In the Meantime
(For Riley)

Sometimes our minds muddle
daily doomsday blasts
untamed pandemics
dystopian fantasies
even dreams go topsy-turvy
a whale lives in the sky
a boy lives in water,
Well, why not?
Our minds can revise any
which way we choose,
tame the tiger,
invite God to dinner.

So in the meantime,
why not look up, pin our
hopes to streaming stars, even
ride their coattails for a while,
ride until the morning dawns
innocent and the sun
behaves like it should,
still melting the frozen fields.


Marilyn Grant has taught writing at Cerritos College and journal writing to Hospice nurses.  She belongs to a weekly Sangha with like-minded spiritual seekers, which is the inspiration for much of her poetry.  Her poems have appeared in Amethyst Review and Avocet: A Journal of Nature Poetry.

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