Say gravity is grace enough for god- – a poem by MEH

[Say gravity is grace enough for god-]

Say gravity is grace enough for god-
less men—a secular force binding all
things, everywhere, with prevenient power.
inevitably irresistible,
it connect and confines, keeps us grounded.
inescapable, like fledgling photons
attempting to sneak past black holes—parents
sitting on the sofa, watching the door
in the darkest hours after curfew
or eons later, waiting. though weaker
with distance, every prodigal’s within
its parabolic reach—slowly drawn back
home by unmerited favor. a love
unseen. the hope that reconciles all things.



MEH is Matthew E. Henry, a Pushcart and Best of the Net nominated poet with works appearing or forthcoming in various publications including Amethyst Review, The Anglican Theological Review, The Other Journal, Relief, Rock and Sling, Spiritus, and The Windhover. The author or Teaching While Black (Main Street Rag. 2020), MEH is an educator who received his MFA from Seattle Pacific University, yet continued to spend money he didn’t have completing a MA in theology and a PhD in education.

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