On Holiday – a poem by Anna Evas

On Holiday


Damp linen dozes on the line.
.    Nothing perturbs me.

Minnows flit through my blood,
.    my nerves are swallowtails

browsing alyssum.
.    Infused with summer air,

my bones ping like wind chimes
.    freed from a lintel hook.

Gray patinas of salt
.    peel from windows

in the house
.    of one-eyed oblivion.


From wickered trees,
wrens rout my parrot from her roost.

Soft wings round the silence
into a Tahitian pearl.

I’m a throat verging a vowel,
an empty cupful of wine,

a thread
both cut and spooled.


Anna Evas: Published internationally in literary journals such as Irises (The University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor’s International Poetry Prize), Michigan Quarterly Review and, soon, Long Poem Magazine (England), Anna Evas works as a lyricist, recording artist and composer.

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