Keyhole Portrait – a poem by Michael Seeger

Keyhole Portrait

Chrome locks reflect
entering, belonging.

They were waiting to
anxiously perform

the nocturnal ritual
before my bare abode.

The quiet glow of
their skin arouses

suspicions, adding
a feeble luster to

a crushing routine,
of unquestioned worth.

I can feel the jangle of it;
The idea of it. Its lovely

cheat and withdrawal;
evasion, or capitulation

to longing and rest. Time
for another constellation!

I am home. The world
gathers meaning as

the quell of evening
intervenes; crickets

sing ruffling silence.


Michael Seeger lives with his lovely wife, Catherine, and still-precocious 16 year-old daughter, Jenetta, in a house with a magnificent Maine Coon (Jill) and two high-spirited Chihuahuas (Coco and Blue). He is an educator (like his wife) residing in the Coachella Valley near Palm Springs, California. Some of his poems have appeared recently either published or included in print anthologies like the Lummox Press, Better Than Starbucks, and The Literary Hatchet.

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