Late Night Call with God – a poem by Phil Goldstein

Late Night Call with God

God’s voice echoed through
every house I’ve ever lived in
and every house I’ve ever lied in
whispering I don’t know how you have done it
withstanding the waves and the woods
the knife and the night
the stillness of the void

If You don’t know then who does
I breathed into the stars
Certainly not me
I can’t even understand how I write these words sometimes
let alone live

God replied gently
Writing and living is plenty


Phil Goldstein is a journalist and writer who has been living in the Washington, D.C, area for more than a decade. His poetry has been published in the journals In Parentheses and The Ideate Review, and his work is also forthcoming in Awakened Voices. By day, he works as a senior editor for Manifest, a content marketing agency.

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