Small Graces – a poem by Melissa A. Chappell

Small Graces

I sit down with my lute
of Western Red Cedar and Yew,
I mother it gently into my lap,
its curved back, like the curve of the earth.
My fingers search the courses,
fumbling, breaking the melody
into fractious shards,
the undeniable broken strains
of the world’s descant ruptured.
Yet dreams of wholeness
blossom in the spaces between,
dreams of daffodils and blue bonnets,
small graces, defying their seasons,
blooming along this stony road
that is ours together.


Melissa A. Chappell is a native of South Carolina, USA. Besides wrting, she enjoys the outdoors and plays several musical instruments, including the lute. She has a BA in the Theory of Music and a Master of Divinity. She shares her life with her family and two miniature schnauzers. Her favorite authors are Adrienne Rich and Wendell Berry.

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