Icon – a poem by Charles Haddox


An icon circumscribed
by crepuscular sanctuary,
.                                                sober
slatted roof, mud wall—
a trapped butterfly
colors the slightness.

The lamplit aerie
inhabits geography:
antiphons, tempera,
archaic stanchions,
and finally, an elevated
wine-bearer, victor,

gilded. All-teacher, cover
Your unendurable transfiguration
in nectar, pomegranates, cloud.

Carpenter of isolation,
attentively ignite the nocturnal
presence, and anoint us
                                            in Your immeasurable harmony.


Charles Haddox lives in El Paso, Texas. He has worked in fair trade marketing, and as a grant writer and community organizer. His poetry has appeared in Commonweal, America, The Christian Century, and San Pedro River Review.

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