Hello Yellow! (Forsythia) – a poem by Marjorie Moorhead

Hello Yellow! (Forsythia)

Forsythia, Forsythia,
(I used to think you were “for Cynthia”)

bursting up yellow flame
sparkling lemony announcement

peeking over neighbor fence tops
exploding in car ride periphery view.

You pull forth green buds;
finally, a promise of Spring in all its

leafy wonder. Lilac leaves,
lime green, will lead into

purple flowers
and sweet, sweet scent will fly.

Gone is our late Winter lament;
hungry craving for color has been met

with yellow, yellow burst,
leaping and licking the sky!


Marjorie Moorhead writes from a northern New England river valley, surrounded by mountains, and four season change. Happy to have found a voice and community in poetry, her work can be seen in many anthologies, literary sites, and two chapbooks. During the current pandemic, she relies on zoom to gather with poets and writers. She is watching a pair of Bluejays brood their young.

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