The Cosmos in My Coffee – a poem by T. S. Davis

The Cosmos in My Coffee

I cradle my coffee cup in the nest of my hands
and stare at spiraling drops of curdling cream
like tiny galaxies of stars that demand
their own universe, or so it seems.
Or so it seems, but only to the mind that’s me.
No one else spies the cosmos in my daily rituals.
In fact, most people look, but never see.
Like the difference between religious, and spiritual.
I don’t mean to say I’m more evolved or smart.
The reverse is true: if anything, I’m dense.
In the race for money, career, or fame, I’m a slow start.
The virtue of staring out a window – my only defense.
But when tiny flames of words flicker on my tongue,
I swallow the waxing moon to sing what’s never been sung.


T. S. Davis is author of Sun + Moon Rendezvous and former producer of the Seattle Poetry Slam. His  poems, essays, and nonfiction have appeared in Rattle, The Lyric, Bellingham Review, 14 X 14, Blue Collar Review, Henhouse, and Point No Point, among others. Mr. Davis is a retired Registered Nurse who lives in rural Arizona and writes Shakespearian sonnets.


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