Communion – a poem by Christopher James


Take each offering on your tongue –
         resist the urge to bite. Copper
         dissolves first, leaves rust-coloured streaks
         across your teeth,
your gum lines; the silver cleanses
         the bloodstream, moonlight reflected
         in the basin pool it leaves; gold,
.          most precious of
metals, reveals the currency
.          of holy men, conducts wealth, heat,
.          business as usual, breaks down
.          quickly to dust.

Hands cupped, communion altar
stretched out to claim peace, wafer thin
as plastic sheets, cardboard. The night
walks past unphased.

Christopher James is an emerging poet from Birmingham. His work has previously been published in Lumpen Journal, and discusses issues of class, upbringing, and urban environments. He currently co-edits The Utopia Project, a political arts and literature magazine.

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