Why Not the Temple – a poem by Jessica L. Walsh

Why Not the Temple

I am attached to my attachments
feed them like pets
and to my own pet
a small puppy
to him too I am attached

I say daily to my beloveds
I love you every day always
like a chant to save them
or a leash to hold them

My love loops and repeats
a hungry circle

I am failing Dorje Kelsang
and I’m doing it like a child
my excuses part lies

I do have time and a good car
even money to donate
soup to bring for others

but I can’t face you Dorje
to say my needs are unbeatable
and I’m not even trying anymore
to love anyone as much
or love my loves less

Pray for me Dorje
and know I tried a little

just enough to love you
not enough to love all


Jessica L. Walsh is the author of two poetry collections and two chapbooks. Her work has appeared in RHINO, Tinderbox, Connecticut Review, and more. She is a professor at a two-year college outside of Chicago.

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