Fireflies and Camomile – a poem by Edward Alport

Fireflies and Camomile

There was no sky
No moon, or stars or light
Only the endless shadow of the winter night.
We blinked, and the sky caught fire
Leaping from hill to hill
‘Till we were the calm centre of a blazing pyre.

“Go!” roared the fire.
“But where?” we said. “The fire is all around.”
“Seek!” hissed the fire.
“But who?” we said. “Our eyes are sore with smoke.”
“Find,” said the fire
“But how?” we said. “There is no path to follow.”

And the fire blinked out,
But left a line that glittered in the grass,
A line of fireflies and camomile.
We ran and danced and sang between the hills,
Dancing into Bethlehem
(Bethlehem, of all places!
Nothing happens in Bethlehem).

When we returned
From where the glow seeped
Through the wood and mortar and stone
And the air was drenched in wonder,
The ones who stayed asked us how it felt.
We said to them; “It felt like coming home.”


Edward Alport is a proud Essex Boy and retired teacher. He occupies his time as a gardener and writer for children. He has had poetry published in a variety of webzines and magazines. When he has nothing better to do he posts snarky micropoems on Twitter as @cross_mouse.

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  1. erikleo says:

    That is an unusual narrative poem – it has a refreshing sound and effect, thanks!


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