Please – a poem by Peter Schneider

                                    Take care
                                    of time
                                    as you are
                                    a filter and it
                                    flows through you.
                                    A slight shift of signal
                                    and the observer is
                                    the observed.
                                    The breath sees itself
                                    preparation to the blank
                                    You must give up so
                                    give up give up give up
                                    make a magnanimous gift
                                    aware, a skeptical shift and
                                    the clear rivulet flowing 
                                    over grey rock
                                    twists, braids and disappears
                                    rejoins itself downstream
                                    a receding notion 
                                    Have a tender care for your
                                    fellow objects. In your absence
                                    the room persists, dust motes
                                    live in air. Such as these are no
                                    better or worse than they are.
                                    Be fair with them; be each object
                                    cascading down over sharp
                                    turbulences-creating points of rock
                                    through a thousand transforms
                                    to be there, a bareness
                                    laid bare.

Peter Schneider is a poet, psychotherapist, and zazen practitioner who lives in Brooklyn, NY. and Rochester, Vt. His poems have appeared in AMP: The Journal of Digital Literature (Hofstra Univ.); The Buddhist Poetry Review; Mobius: The Journal of Social Change; The Shot-glass Journal; Kairos; Better Than Starbucks; Big Windows Review and in the broadside collection, A Midnight Snack. His debut collection, The Map is Not the Territory was published by Anaphora Literary Press in April 2018. His MFA is from Columbia University and his Ph.D. is in clinical psychology from New York University.

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