God as Mountain – a poem by Gail Thomas

God as Mountain

Refusing to pray
I watch instead the mountain.

Masked by fog, its crest
remains implacable, moved

neither by my sins or joys.
And below, scars —

from wild fires, strip mining,
toxic spray, clamor of wind,

baptism of erosion —
the vellum weather uses

to disrobe folds of earth,
its language of rift and upsurge.

Underground veins
smolder and flare, leave

eruptions cooled
to a jagged rage.

I do not ask if I, and we all
will be forgiven.


Gail Thomas’ books are Odd Mercy, Waving Back, No Simple Wilderness, and Finding the Bear. Her poems have been widely published in journals, and her awards include the Charlotte Mew Prize from Headmistress Press,  the Narrative Poetry Prize from Naugatuck River Review, and the Massachusetts Center for the Book’s “Must Read.” http://www.gailthomaspoet.com/

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