Wind Takes Care of Me – a poem by Janet Krauss

Wind Takes Care of Me

The tree sheds its leaves on my deck.
I sweep them off. The next morning
they return.  I laugh a puff of surprise. 
The following day the wooden planks,
weathered a faithful grey, are free 
of the curling, brown clusters.  I laugh
again to know the wind slipped in
during the night,  and in one breath 
scattered the litter of leaves
to the ground,  perhaps for birds
to gather to line and warm their nests.
One afternoon I rest on the deck.
A breeze comes close and knows to lift
away the tightness in my chest,
the frown on my forehead, and ease
me into a daydream of colors
lit fleetingly with the brush of sun.
On the shore the wind, over the surface
of the sea, winks everywhere at me
to enter the waves, guides me to swim
within them, my arms enthralled
with theirs as they rise and fall in rhythm
with my  life’s  breath.

Janet Krauss, who has two books of poetry published, “Borrowed Scenery,” Yuganta Press, and “Through the Trees of Autumn,” Spartina Press, has recently retired from teaching English at Fairfield University. Her mission is to help and guide Bridgeport’s  young children through her teaching creative writing, leading book clubs and reading to and engaging a kindergarten class. As a poet, she co-directs the poetry program of the Black Rock Art Guild.

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