Communion – a poem by Jean Biegun


I asked a being
a thirsty one sitting at a rectangular
table near the front window in Starbucks
What do you seek
and the person encasing that particular
soul closed a glowing laptop
took a sip of warm spicy chai
and looked at me
Who was I but another with earbuds
muffling my own neuronal mix
Yet quietly after two or three
moments we sighed                                    
shared some slow inhalations
of mutual comprehension
and then in our minds
knelt together on the polished
wooden floor
hands folded unselfconsciously

Jean Biegun, retired in Sacramento, CA, began writing poetry in 2000 as a way to overcome big-city job stress, and it worked.  Poems have been published in Mobius: The Poetry MagazineAfter Hours: A Journal of Chicago Writing and ArtWorld Haiku ReviewPresence: International Journal of Spiritual Direction and other places.

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