The Staircase to Heaven is a Spiral

Double Golden Shovel after Dylan Thomas
Night falls, and I wonder what good it is to do
good, to serve soup to the other, to do not
that, but this. Do ladles of soup allow one to go
into heaven? I tread the stone steps, gentle,
gentle, and approach the beckoning light. I go into,
go into, go into the echo of heaven. Is it that,
not this, that will matter? What does good
do in the great celestial ascent, now that it is night?

Before moving to the Washington DC area, Raima Larter was a chemistry professor in Indiana who secretly wrote fiction and tucked it away in drawers. Her work has appeared in GargoyleChantwood MagazineCleaver, BULL, Linden Avenue, Another Chicago Magazine and others. Her first two novels, “Fearless,” and “Belle o’ the Waters,” were published in 2019. Read more about her work at

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