Tread softly on the body – a poem by Elodie Barnes

Tread softly on the body

as for those who open their eyes, 
each dawn is a little dying. 
The woman sleeping beside you knows. 
Hands are never gentler
than at sunrise, when mist-song spirals
from the river, and light shifts
so carefully you aren’t even sure it’s moving. 
The flickering sound of a name caught
between sleeping and waking,
a flame lit by longing.
All those who are living know. 
The body is at its tenderest
when, for a moment, it dwells in something bigger
than itself. 

Elodie Barnes is a poet, reviewer, fiction writer, and essayist who can be found writing in France, Spain or the UK (usually mixing up her languages)Her flash fiction has been nominated for Best of the Net, and she is guest editor of the Life in Languages series at Lucy Writers’ PlatformFind her online at and on Twitter @BarnesElodie. 

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