Four Poems by Victoria Crawford and George R. Ross

Four Poems from Reaching Heights
Before the Sangha
Before the sangha,
Buddha sits, holds a lotus
readiness is all
ripening blackberries yield
with ease to seeking fingers
Mud Holds Fast
Mud holds fast her toes
lotus reaches upward
in the sun
wet wings dry
yellow moth flies
Clouds encircle the mountain
axis of our valley world
like Ganesh orbiting his mother
on mouse-back
or my head fly-surrounded
as I sit in the garden—
flickering cloud shapes
misting the heights 
from clear sight
Opalescent Sky
Opalescent sky,
lake, and misted trees 
as morning coalesces
I swim jeweled waters
in breath and body 

Poets Victoria Crawford and George R. Ross became writing partners meeting in Thailand while retired.  Their poems are so closely written by two hands that who can tell who wrote which line or word was written by whom.  Some of their joint work has been published in Braided Way, Cold Noon, Active Muse, and others.  George lives in Boston currently with family while Victoria still calls Chiang Mai home.

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