What lies below affects the surface – a poem by Annette Gagliardi

What lies below affects the surface
Who am I without the land?—the rivers, mountains, 
valleys, trees, forests—even the stones
are alive and moving gayly.
Our moments here, in company, or alone,
all continual movement hones
the very atmosphere, daily.
I need to be near the skin of the earth—on my own, 
by myself with the land—gnawing the bone
that flows, that knows my human frailty.
The red in my blood is shown
and repeated through nature’s stone.
I am amazed that I actually thrive/ survive.
The stone is blood red because of the loan
of iron content—that special energy blown
into and coming from the red color—life’s fluid drive.
Balance, symmetry, consistency are touchstones.
When the wind speaks, I am taken to the zone 
of pattern, movement and loveliness of the land,
beauty that is transient, yet with healing undertones;
a visual entrance into life which ebbs and flows
with the red color—its energy flowing through all the land.  
                        *Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, Rivers and Tides

Annette Gagliardi has poetry published in the Southwest JournalDreamers Creative Writing Online, Down in the Dirt Online MagazineTrouble Among the StarsPoetry QuarterlyPoetic Bond and others. She has work in three State’s poetry anthologies and her poem “Gourmand of Orange” has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

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