Arbor – a poem by Jenevieve Carlyn Hughes


In the language of 
lilting on fern-bellied leaves
a jacaranda is conversing with the sea
filigree branches weave words into mist
                  & blossom into questions, lost 
in translation by the tides. Answers come not
by way of the clouds,
         but in threading the filaments of rain
in this ancient art of seeking & weaving,
we are wrought & weathered
ready to brace the weight
of a thundering sky

Jenevieve Carlyn Hughes teaches humanities for university students. Her poetry has recently appeared in Northern New England Review’s Front/Lines: Pandemic PerspectivesBraided Way Magazine, and the Connecticut River Review, among other places. She enjoys birdwatching, rarely with binoculars. Follow her on Instagram @sea_thistle.

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