Celestial Time – a poem by Keith Burton

Celestial Time
Clocks circle in the sky
The sun ladles out the day
And the moon parses through the night
Great and small wheels 
Jig and whirl
Spinning time from space
The Milky Way is 
The sky’s water clock
Eons pass 
And the frothy world churns
At the end 
Comets are deva tears
Witnessing the collapse
Light nests in darkness
Brahma wakens with a start!
Yawning OM
The world is created anew
Stars exhale
Dust congeals 
And life jumbles to a silent beat
In time 
Intelligence holds a thumb up to the sky
The moon is pregnant again
In each creation
The Vedas unfurl to reveal the truth
Stars and planets
Mark off time and fate
Like clockwork

Keith Burton graduated from Brown University with a major in psychology and a minor in English. As a professional musician, his love of poetry helped him write songs and lyrical cadences continue to interest him. He honors all faiths and is fascinated by their intersection.

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