Meadow – a poem by KC Bailey

Time departs on air
dandy clocks
spread their hands
fine fingers, feather weight 
            float     out       of         v     i     e      w
swept up on unseen drafts
into crisp sky-light
lost to the blue
eyes cast higher
to follow 
the haphazard path
of a dancing seed
a cat chasing butterflies
weaves senseless loops
children           leap     and clap
at rising soap bubbles
random acts of joy
in organised shapes
beauty in non-conformity
that hides mathematical certainty
be more like a petal
on the breath of a summer's day
let airstreams guide you –                   soar. 

KC Bailey is a writer from the UK. Publication credits for poetry, fiction and non-fiction include The Ekphrastic Review, The Hellebore, Black Bough PoetryMonkey KettleThe Tide RisesBlack Flowers, The Failure Baler, Idle Ink, CaféLit and the BBC. She has an MA in Creative Writing and Tweets @KCBailey_Writer.

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