Snowfall on Opening Leaf Buds – a poem by Leo Aylen

Snowfall on Opening Leaf Buds: Sonnet

Guides do appear, almost invisible,
Flickering through the grass beside the path,             
Or glimpsed flying through a gentle snowfall
On opening leaf-buds, when the season’s growth                  
Seems to halt for an hour. Who are they, though,      
These guides? Afterwards we thoughtlessly talk                   
About them as ...dreams more fragile than snow                   
Falling only to melt. So can we walk             
In the direction they have taken, doubting
Whether it is direction or mere aimless
Wandering round in circles? Will we find
Anything anywhere? Silence is shouting
At us: “Look up. Look down. Look back. The nameless
Wonder is here. Oh why are you so blind?”

Leo Aylen was born in KwaZulu, South Africa, was educated in England and has lived in London, New York, LA. He has 5 prizes, about 100 poems in anthologies, 100 broadcast,  9 collections published, the latest The Day The Grass Came, called “a triumph”  by Melvyn Bragg, “Stupendous” by Simon Callow, “An energy which could leave readers gasping” by Martyn Halsall. He often writes in strict forms.

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