Unholy Sonnet – a poem by Nada Faris

—    After Mark Jarman 
When Abraham felt his heart
waver, Allah granted him a miracle: 
the dismembering of a flying bird. Its bones 
were wrenched apart, then gently 
set on separate mountaintops. Feathers
and flesh flew together, complete. A beak
began to dote and speak words of surrender. 
The word surrender opens gated dimensions
where Time neither ticks nor passes, it heaves 
like our breasts, like beasts who only want 
to love God in every language where mysteries are captured 
with a swallowing love: three times the size of a universe, 
from Big Bang to human consciousness, 
and seven times smaller than a pearl.

Nada Faris is a writer and teaching-artist who received an Arab Woman Award in 2018 from Harper Bazaar Arabia for her impact on Kuwait’s creative sector. Her work has been published in Nimrod, Sukoon, Norton’s Anthology for Hint FictionThe Indianapolis Review, and elsewhere. Website: www.nadafaris.com. Twitter: @nadafaris.

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