Between Realms – a poem by Jenevieve Carlyn Hughes

Between Realms 
In this place of skylarks & kestrels,
            where earth & sea meet the sky
Campanula grows in a crag, awaiting
            silver-winged blue butterflies.
Wingbeats pause in devotion,
            soft-bowing beacons of the sea-salt air
Basalt cliffs become altars, geological psalters
            for every hymn & storm-beaten prayer.
Did the ancients know of bellflower blue,
            when they wrote of their sapphire skies?
Of silver-winged cerulean, akin to the artist’s hue
            yet more a quality of being (earthly & divine)?
A collective luminosity, where meets both
            mortal & immortal eye—
The Heart glow, 
            Earth’s ultramarine mind.

Jenevieve Carlyn Hughes teaches humanities for university students. Her poetry has recently appeared in Northern New England Review’s special edition, Front/Lines: Pandemic Perspectives, as well as Braided Way MagazineAutumn Sky Poetry, and the Connecticut River Review. She enjoys birdwatching, rarely with binoculars. Follow her on Instagram @sea_thistle.

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