Spring Day in West Texas – a poem by Susan C. Waters

Spring Day in West Texas
The painted horses, persistent eagerness,
tug at new grass as trees, so few of them here, lift
new green toward heaven.
All of the landscape is like an apostle
in his first glimpse of Christ
in the desert crowd,
reaching toward.
A storm the size of Rhode Island
whirls the distance red.  A pecan grove,
twenty years tall, is shaken
to its roots and neglected houses are pried apart.
As noon turns into red dusk, I am like a song bird
in a storm, without shelter.  Oh, the troubles of this world.
The whole day is allegory.

Susan C. Waters has an advanced degree from George Mason University. Ms. Waters started out as a journalist covering hard news in upstate New York, and for 13 years was a magazine editor and writer at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary. She has won 10 prizes in poetry and has been nominated twice for the Push Cart Prize in Poetry. Her chapbook Heat Lightning was published in 2017 by Orchard Street Press. Her publishing credits are extensive, ranging from the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun, to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the U.S. House of Representatives.  Currently, she is Professor Emeritus at New Mexico Junior College. 

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