Burnt Offerings – a poem by Tom Simmons

Burnt Offerings

shining silver domes
cresting yellow winds
stained like men’s teeth
Round mirrored ones
blest by Soviet nuns
whistling with them
A psalm maskil fancies
yellows like refiners’ fire
Lay on fullers’ soap
Noetic recitations
Celibate chants
Full of sap
Strong as wild oxen
Repetitions and soundings
Sanctifications: roundings
The music of the spheres
by domes upon a sphere
Carved-in and rooted
Solemn there; stay
No adversary shouts their names
The gale screams at someone else
Soft agents of tarnished
silver much vouchsafed
A people without power who
made their home in the rocks
Sternums like flint
flocks racing
grasp prayer
Palms waving
Rest, encrusted,
undefiled there

Thomas Simmons is a professor at the University of South Dakota Knudson School of Law and a lifelong South Dakotan. His scholarship focuses on trusts and estates. He teaches courses in estate planning, professional ethics, and the Holocaust. His Tod Browning Loose-Leaf Encyclopedia collection of poems was published by Cyberwit in 2020.

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