Chasing Epiphanies – a poem by Jill Crainshaw

Chasing Epiphanies

I followed the Bethlehem star into 2020’s longest night—
(Or was it the Bethlehem planetary alignment?)

Chasing epiphanies? Not so easy 
in a Fiat 500 on I-40 in midwinter darkness—

I stopped on an overpass, but Saturn and Jupiter 
were not star-crossed. Not yet. 

They kept their distance on the cosmic dance floor,
not ready to light up the universe with solstice salsa swings.

They’ve waited many moons to tango again.
“Span the distance,” I whispered. 

Then I drove home, glad tomorrow’s midnight morning 
mist will weep in the treetops sooner than it did the day before.

Jill Crainshaw is a professor at Wake Forest University School of Divinity in Winston-Salem, NC. Her poems have been published by Amethyst Review, The New Verse News, Panoply, Poets Reading the News, and Writing in a Woman’s Voice.

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